Introduction of ARD Policy and Legal Services Director

a ceremony held in Afghanistan Customs and Revenue Department conference room on Monday, 19/10/2015, Mr. Abdul Wali Noori was introduced as ARD Policy and Legal Services Director.

ARD Director General, Mr. Shirzad, and other Directors participated in this ceremony. Mr. Shirzad, in addition to admiring Mr. Noori’s performance, considered Noori as an efficient and useful person in this post and wished him success in the duties assigned to him.

Afterwards Mr. Noori, the new Policy and Legal Services Director, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Shirzad and said: “in order to achieve success and our goal, we should insist on joint efforts.” He asked all his staff to fully cooperate in better performance of the affairs of the Directorate. He added that without cooperation by them, it will be impossible to achieve success.

Policy and Legal Services Director considered development of policies and Laws as his priorities so that the staff perform the relevant affairs of this Directorate in the light of such policies and Laws in the best possible way.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Noori has eight years of work experience in different areas of the Ministry of Finance. Previously he served as Taxpayers Objection Director and worked with International Organizations. One of his achievements is the development of the Income Tax Law Manual.