VAT (Value Added Tax) Seminar




      Seminar regarding VAT was conducted on 16/11/2015

 at tax academy hall.

The seminar was conducted by ARD about VAT, how to register, and the benefits of the tax and 75 ARD staff including Noorullah habibi, head of revenue system and services directorate, and ASI representative participated the seminar.


At first, Mr. Noorullah habibi welcomed the participants and added “revenue is essential for development and ARD always seek to collect taxes and always attempting to raise the revenue through tax collections from tax and non tax revenues. He also added that today’s program is an effective and useful program about VAT and asked the participants to implement that in practical area.

VAT is an indirect tax posed on goods, services and taxable imports. It is standard and zero rated on goods imports at the time of entry and assessed on taxable supplies and paid quarterly. Some of the imports and supplies are exempted while some others are subject to zero rates.

It is to mention that VAT law was drafted during two year period which contains procedure, regulation and relevant plan.