Sigtass system lunched in Kandahar


Sigtass system or tax collecting system launched in Kandahar, with the help of this system taxes can collecte clearly and it can be beneficial to stop corruption in taxpaying department.  

For the lunching of Sigtass system in Kandahar finance department a large meeting was held which was also attended by governor of the administrative and financial assistant Mr. Hanan “Munib”along side with a number of traders and industrialist.

Mr. Hanan considered that Sigtass system in Kandahar revenue department is essential and useful; He added that enabling of this revenue system returns to a modern and easy way to collect tax and lead to improvements in this department. The Deputy Governor also said that the provincial government is trying to provide more facilities to traders and industrialists to solve their problems.

In the opening ceremony of Sigtass system sub director of Revenue System Directorate Noor ullah “Habib” said that Sigtass system is to bring facilities for taxpayers; Mr. Noor ullah also said that with the help of this system we can secure tax transparent and standardized in such controls, tax laws are applicable to the all taxpayer throughout the country and all related documents of taxpayers will be saved in this system.  

He also added that in Sigtass system the information of taxpayers will be safe, tax returns for taxpayers will automatically send. Tax assessment and tax obligations, tax exemptions and suspension are regulate in this system.

Director of Kandahar revenue department Muhammad Zahir “Ebadi” also thanked ARD for lunching the Sigtass system in Kandahar, He said! With this system we can collect taxes on time and it will prevent corruption.

In this meeting industrial union deputy Faiz ul Haq “Muskani” also exist that the activation of this system is good action taken by Government, He also added that more problems will be solved in revenue with the help of this system.

The Sigtass system was taken by Ministry of Finance from Canada in 1389, now on in 6 provinces of country is fully implemented.