Director Legal Services

 Biography of Director of Policy and legal Services Department

Mr. Sayed Hamid “Daqiq” S/O Khwaja Hakim is a permanent resident of Sarkano District Kunar province, was born in 1360 Solar Calendar in Kabul City.

The mentioned person was only had four months old that became handicapped as a result of polio disease. 

Mr. Daqiq despite having numerous problems and due to having much enthusiasm could get admission in Ghulam Haider Khan High School for primary education, and later on in  the year 2000 he passed his secondary education from Naderia High School and due to financial problems he could not continue his higher education at that time.

After the fall of Taliban Regime while teaching in one of the English Language Institutes, he got his first employment in UN in 2004. Mr. Daqiq after a while in late 2006 when he was the team leader of translation department of election commission could manage to go to India for higher education. After completion of BA in Political Science in A grade in Bondal University Opra Perdish he returned in the country in 2009. Daqiq parallel to his education had active role in developing ANDS. Later on he appointed as advisor in International Treaties Unit at MoF of IRoA. He provided services for four years in this unit. On 1st Sonbola 1393 Daqiq was appointed as director of Policy and Legal Services Directorate of ARD MoF. Till now he is providing services as director at that directorate. Parallel to handling advisory position, Mr. Daqiq for becoming familiar with legal acts of the country continued learning political science in Kardan University. Mr. Daqiq provided services in different organizations such as president office, Financial Advisor of the president, IEC and different UN institutions in Afghanistan.