Director Provincial Liaison

Mr. Abdul Matin Safi son of Haji Abdul Ghani was born in Parwan province. He completed the primary and secondary education in Parwan province and graduated from Noman High School of that province in 1348 (1969). Through entrance exam he attended economics faculty from where he graduated in 1352 (1973) with the second grade.

Graduating from university, Mr. Safi joined Ministry of Mines and Industries that was followed by moving to MoF. Mr. Safi worked honestly in different positions of MoF until 1364 (1985) when he attended on the job Master Program. In 1367 (1988), he completed the master program achieving excellent degree. Later he served as lecturer in economics faculty that was continued until 1371 (1992) together with working in MoF.

Due to internal fighting, Mr. Safi couldn’t continue as lecturer. In 1384 (2005), Mr. Safi was assigned as director of ARD/Law Enforcement through open competition. In 1388 (2009) and 1389 (2010), he respectively worked as Kunduz and Kapisa Mostufi.

Mr. Safi has been working as provincial liaison director in Afghanistan Revenue Department since 1390 (2011).